Sunday, February 17, 2013


Gads, haven't been here in a bit....conveniently bypassed Valentines Day hehehehe. Watched a bizarre documentary titled "Catfish". Was a bit draggy but really fugged and actually sad as shit. Don't want to give anything away about it other than.....yikes. People can weave some serious shit thanks to the internet. Sure people can impress us face to face with false personality traits and the like but the internet could be renamed the land of make believe.....wait, isn't that California?
Winter needs to piss the hell off. So sick of snow, wind and wearing enough gear to clothe an entire village in a third world country. Tasteless comment....why yes.
Did I rant about having to change work locations?? I think I went on about it a while ago, as it turns out, I really enjoy my new setting. Isn't that life. Not that a gazzillion people didn't already rag on me for getting so upset for nothing but oh well, live and learn.Where I am now I have little interaction with patients and do most of the locating (paging doctors). It's clear cut, no mess no fuss. Before I had to deal primarily with patients and trying to figure out how to help them which is more difficult than it sounds. Anyhow, I really like it. No it isn't rocket science but it's a full time decent paying job and for that I am thankful.
Anyhow, I don't feel like getting into anything too deep today, that can of worms isn't open for discussion today so I apologise for a boring post but wanted to check in.
Cheers. xo

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