Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dappy Dew Dear Doodoos

Hey HAPPY NEW YEAR bobby soxers....
Christmas was great but sooooo stressful getting everything organized. I usually do dinner at my place which is a huge job prep wise but very satisfying. I have an open door policy because some people have no family or whatever and I think everyone should be able to partake in the cheer of the season. I had a blast.
Life has been crazy busy lately but good as hell.I did start smoking a few weeks back but I'll quit again in a bit, it just helps me with my stress. Not all stress is bad, just stressy lol. Ugh I hate the snow but what can u do.
I've become addicted to apple cider vinegar (unpasteurized/organic) mixed with water. I drink it all the time, used to hate the taste now I can't get enough. So good for you, balances out the body making it more alkaline and gives you energy too.
Working on a couple of drawings, one for my pops which is coming along nicely. I asked him to give me an idea of a person to draw for him, he says.."How bout a nice drawing of Monument Valley" lol. I said 'fahjah, crazy ole fahjah, people, a person, I don't do landscapes" so he responds by sending me a pic of their new rescue dog Laila. I shake my pretty little head. "Dad!, a person, a human!!, I don't draw animals...." but I thought HMMMMM, perhaps... So I started it and it is coming along nicely. I didn't think I could do a dog but I surprised myself. I've said it before but I ought to take some basic lessons for perspective and proportion which are my trouble areas. I am extremely critical of my own work and I see all the parts that I am not happy with but it isn't finished and it is coming along nicely.
Anyhow, no complaints. Loving my time alone. I used to hate being alone, now I wonder if I'll ever be able to be in a relationship again because I don't have much time for myself and when I do, I prefer to be on my own.
So thats it for now. I'm happy, feeling good, doing what I have to, need to and thankful for the life I have.
Wishing everyone a wonderful new year and happiness, love, peace, purpose and more love love love!! xo

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